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Dr. Gourav Jain

Neurology Department
1 Reviews
Starting at: ₹1,500

About Dr. Gourav Jain

Dr. Gourav Jain is an expert neurologists in Chandigarh giving treatments to many. He is a person of moral values and discipline. You can connect with him any time. He gives proper responses to patient queries and is a well-known doctor of neuro sciences in Mohali. He has a hassle-free process at Neuroke. A place where you really get treated like humans. Treatment of doctor make you release all your neurological related disorder like the way it was never there. Make an appointment here before coming as he values time and listens carefully to all your neurological illnesses.

Work Experience:
10 years
Neurologist Consultant
Qualifications :
MD, DM Neurology (PGI, Chandigarh)

Reviews (1)



5 months ago

He don’t know

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